infant life jacketProtect your littlest crew member with a Coast Guard approved infant life jacket.

Life jackets for babies and infants should be labeled as an Infant PFD under 30 lbs (be sure to pick the right size based on your baby’s weight), Coast Guard approved and Type II. Also mandatory features are a “heads-up” flotation pad and a strap that goes between the legs.

Here are some good life jacket choices for your baby or newborn infant.

infant life jacketWest Marine Kids’ Rapid Dry Life Jacket, Infant Under 30lb.

This life jacket comes equipped with sculpted PVC foam in the shoulders and waist for a buoyant, custom-like fit. Full front zipper closure and quick-release buckles with adjustable straps keep your child comfortable and secure. Vests include a crotch strap to prevent them from riding up and also feature a grab strap at the back. Size: Under 30 lbs.

Available at West Marine for $59

Stearns Infant Puddle Jumper Hydroprene Fish Print Life Jacket

The US Coast Guard approved design is specially-fitted for infants under 30 lbs. (13.6 kg). With the heads-up oversized head support like a pillow it encourages face-up floatation. Stearns lightweight Hydroprene material is their softest material, and when combined with the durable Crossstech foam, it’s perfect for comfortable, all day wear. A grab handle allows you to easily remove your child from the water when necessary. A buckled side opening and zippered back make it easy to get your infant in and out of the vest, while two adjustable leg straps ensure a secure fit during all the fun at the pool, beach or lake. All buckles are easy to use squeeze-style” side release adjustable strap buckles.

Also available in yellow & blue for boys.

Available on Amazon for $34

Stohlquist Unisex Infant Life Vest under 30 lbs

These vests feature a unique wrap-around flotation turns a child face up. Dual support collars cradle the head. Front zipper entry and adjustable crotch strap secures the jacket in place.

Convenient grab loop stays open in water for quick location with Stohlquist’s addition of floating beads around neck collar grab loop. Size 8-30 lbs.

Available on for $59

O’Neil Infant Nylon USCG Life Vest

This USCG approved infant life vest is for kids under 30 lbs and features a heads up pillow with strap and between the legs strap.

The nylon design is a soft and comfortable fit. It also has Closed Cell PVC Marine Foam quick release buckles. Comes in 5 different color designs to suit girls or boys on your boat.

Available on for $30

Stearn’s Classic Infant Life Vest

This vest is a very basic style – a bit boxy but meets all requirements for an infant vest.

Good value buy if you are not planning to spend a lot of time on the boat or the baby will not be wearing the life jacket for long periods of time. Made of nylon and fits infants under 30 lbs. Comes in red or blue.

Available on for $20

Stearns Infant Hydro PFD

A comfortable fit giving baby good mobility, this Type II life jacket is designed for infants under 30 lbs.

Oversized, pillow-like head support encourages face-up flotation, Soft, flexible Hydroprene shell and Crosstech PE foam, Zippered back for quick on-and-offs. Comes in yellow, blue and pink.

Available on Amazon for $30-$37 – yellow or blue

Available on Amazon for $22 – pink