Life Jackets for Kids

life jackets for kids

A life jacket is essential gear for any kid on or near a boat.

Whether you are going for a cruise or walking on a dock, kids need to play it safe when boating with a Coast Guard Approved life jacket appropriate for their age and weight. Life jackets are also required by law for kids under a certain age on smaller boats - so be sure to check kid's life jacket laws in each state.

Choose a life jacket to fit your boater kid.

infant life jacket

Infant & Baby Life Jackets

Life vests for infants and babies under 30 lbs.
toddler life jackets

Toddler Life Jackets

Life vests best for toddlers between 30-50 lbs.
youth life jackets

Youth Life Jackets

Choose life vests for kids 30-50 lbs or 50-90 lbs.
older kids life jacket

Life Jackets for Older Kids

Choose life vests for older kids, teens and young adults.