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Family Adventures in Dubai: Combining Boating & Land Excursions

Dubai is an unforgettable city for family adventures due to its unique attractions when touring the city. This is because Dubai has an array of outdoor features that suit kids and adults. These fun activities range from boating to a decent assortment of land excursions in the vast beaches and landscape features. In addition, you...

outdoor family fun

Embracing Outdoor Family Adventures

In today’s fast-paced world, carving out quality time for family bonding amidst the hustle and bustle can be a challenge. Yet, there’s an enchanting solution that beckons families of all ages: outdoor escapades brimming with adventure and shared experiences. For families with a penchant for boating and outdoor pursuits, the possibilities are as vast as...

best family boats

Best Family Boats

Not all boats are created equal. Some boats will go great for one to two people, and some will be able to host an entire party’s worth of people.But what about boats for families?In this article, we’ll go into the best types of boats for families and how they can help any family (and their...

boating kids dog

Boating with Two Kids and a Dog

A new puppy brings new responsibilities and adventures for boat kids – how we juggle boating with kids and a dog! After years of constant begging from our kids, we finally gave in and got a dog. Our new little pup, a Cavapoo named Gracie, is everything we could have hoped for in a first...

kids family boating

Opening Up for More Family Boating

The pandemic has been tough on our kids and we look forward to bringing back a sense of normalcy with some family boating this summer As a parent of two young kids, one of the hardest parts of this pandemic has been witnessing the sacrifices our kids have had to make – remote schooling, reduced...

family cruising

Family Friendly Cruising Destinations and Boat Trips

Plan summer boat trips that will be fun & memorable for your kids with marinas, activities and historic towns the whole family can enjoy Every new boating season is an opportunity for our family to revisit our favorite destinations and, hopefully, plan to discover new ones we can cross off our boating bucket list. The...

first mate in training

First Mate in Training

Encouraging kids to step up to more responsibility while boating – and developing a deeper appreciation for the boat life When our kids were younger their main “job” on-board the boat was to simply listen to the rules while the first mate and captain (mom and dad) would do all the heavy lifting of docking,...

family boat

How to Choose the Best Family Boat

Family-friendly boat features to look for when choosing the right boat size & style for a family with kids (as seen in Lakeland Boating) Purchasing a boat is certainly a big investment, so you definitely want to make sure that you choose the best possible boat for your family’s boating lifestyle. From how you use...

Kids need boating

Kids Need Boating Now More Than Ever

In a world of uncertainty, kids are yearning for the calming effect of boating All our lives took a detour from normalcy this year as a result of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, and the impact on our kids has been no exception. After months of social distancing and adapting to remote schooling, thoughts of the...

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