Boat Vacation with a Child in the UAE – How to Create an Unforgettable Trip

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How to organize an unforgettable holiday with a child in the UAE: planning a boat trip

What is the right way to travel with children in the UAE? How to organize a sea trip on a yacht? What kind of water transport is better for travelling with a child?

A holiday in the UAE with children is an unforgettable experience. This country may be suitable only for single travelers, couples or business people. But there are plenty of opportunities for family holidays with children. The country offers a wide range of options on how to have a great time. Boat trips are one of the most original, informative and exciting ways to spend time with children and organize leisure activities. You can easily Book Yacht Online for any suitable day, agreeing on the duration of the trip. It is worth noting that this type of travelling is suitable for people of almost any age.

Yacht holidays in the UAE are the dream of many travelers who appreciate luxury. It is also desired by those who organize their holidays specifically for children’s holidays. Most family people want the sea to be fully enjoyed by every family member. Some say that a holiday with children, and even more so a sea trip is a real challenge for parents. But it is not. If you intelligently approach this issue, it will be possible to make it so that a walk on the sea will be an unforgettable memory and give only positive emotions. 

Features of the sea walk with children: how to organize everything competently

Few children will be against spending some time on a yacht. However, responsible parents need to think about several important moments to make the holiday a success:


Safety should be a top priority when travelling with children. It is always worth informing the charterer that you are travelling with a child or more so that life jackets of the right size are provided on the yacht. According to the rules, the child must always have a waistcoat on. 

Remember to take a first aid kit with you, which should also include medicine for motion sickness. It would help if you also had sunscreen with you. If your child is allergic to insect bites, the medicine should always be with you.

Food and drink

Children are always very active, and playing on the deck, in the water, and generally outdoors can whet their appetite. Food that is too fatty can make a child seasick. Therefore, it is best to take with you:

  • vegetables;
  • fruit;
  • biscuits;
  • light cheese snacks, and so on. 

All yachts are necessarily equipped with a refrigerator where you can put all the edibles. In addition, a luxury yacht may include snacks, juices, tea and coffee. It is worth checking this question before you book your yacht online.

Leisure activities

Travelling with children always involves activity. It is limited space on the yacht, and moving games can traumatize. Therefore, it is necessary to take inflatable objects with you so that you can play in the water. Also, you can take a gadget with a cartoon as an option. The latter should be exactly downloaded into the device’s memory because there may be problems with the Internet connection in the open sea.

Board games are only sometimes a good option, as rocking the yacht can spoil the process. Plan your seafaring journey so your child has something to see. If the child is too young, have enough of their favorite toys.

It would help if you did not let your children get bored. In this case, they will look for unnecessary adventures. It is best to make sure that something interesting happens hourly. For example, you can moor in different bays and swim, go ashore or make diving stops. The more exciting things that happen, the better.

Explain the rules of the trip to your child

If the child is old enough, they must be told exactly what sailing on a yacht in the open sea is about. Not all children are able to bear such a journey calmly— there is often a rocking motion and limited space on board. Some children may be frightened when the ship starts to rock, fearing they will fall overboard or that the sea transport may sink. It is, therefore, worth explaining these things in advance. 

The children should be aware of what can happen on a ship. If they get scared while travelling, they need someone to be with them at that moment and calm them down. In addition, you need to explain to the children that they must obey the commands of the skipper—the most important person on board.

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