Youth Life Jackets

youth life jackets

Safe and Stylish Options for U.S. Coast Guard Approved Youth Life Jackets.

When your boat kid gets a little bigger, they are ready to step up in life jacket size and move into bigger youth jackets.

Youth life jackets are usually labeled for kids 30-50 lbs or 50-90 lbs, depending on the weight of your child. They should be listed as U.S. Coast Guard Approved and Type II or Type III. The heads-up cushion is usually no longer included in larger youth jackets, but there may still be a leg strap in the 30-50 lb vests.

Be sure to check out Infant & Baby life jackets if your child is under 30 lbs.

Youth Life Jackets 30 - 50 lbs

Youth Life Jackets 50 - 90 lbs

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