boat prep kids

Spring Boat Prep for Kids

Get your kids ready for the Best Boating Season Ever! Each new boating season brings the promise of something special. Good times ahead. Anticipation of familiar experiences. Memories in the making. Boating season is FINALLY here and your kids are probably just as excited as you are (if not more) to get back on the...

end boating season kids

Bye-Bye Boat: The End of Boating Season for Kids

The end of boating season tends to sneak up on everyone… including our kids. Why does the season have to go by so fast? Seems like one day they are having a jumping contest off the swim platform and then the next day they are packing it up for the winter. There is no doubt...

Dad boating memories

Making Memories Boating with Dad

Ways your kids can share special moments on the boat with Dad Those iconic “dad moments” that your kids will always remember are most likely happening on your boat. Taking the boat for a cruise, casting a line, digging for clams in the bay… these are the classic moments for Dad and the whole family...

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