Summer Bucket List for Boat-Loving Kids

summer bucket list boat kids

10 Must-Do Activities for Your Boat-Loving Kids this Summer

The spring prep is over, your boat is in the water, the school year ends and summer is now in full swing! Are you ready to make it the best summer ever for your kids on the boat?

summer fun boat kidsAs a new boating season gets underway, your “boat calendar” can fill up quite fast. Between summer holidays, weekend trips and entertaining guests, there’s a lot to accomplish during boating season. Summer months can come and go quickly, and you want to be sure the season ends with no regrets – particularly for your kids.

Our kids love boating and their anticipation for activity-filled weekends on the boat reaches a peak by early June when school lets out. Each year they have big expectations as they set out to embrace all that they love about our boating lifestyle.

Now is the time to plan for summer boating activities that will check off a few items on the summer fun bucket list for your boat kids.

In my recent article in Lakeland Boating magazine entitled "Summer Fun Bucket List: 10 Must-do activities for your boat-loving kids" I shared some of our best ideas for your kids to make the most of the boating season.

Here's a quick round-up of my 10 must-do ideas for a summer bucket list for your boat-loving kids:

  1. Cruise to kid-friendly destinations
  2. Visit waterfront attractions
  3. Experience local events
  4. Watch fireworks on the water
  5. Try unexpected expeditions
  6. Connect with nature
  7. Have a beach bonfire
  8. Relax with water fun
  9. Do a mega raft-up
  10. Bring on VIP guests

You can read more about each of these summer bucket list ideas in the full original article (opens PDF) from Lakeland Boating Magazine.

Lakeland boatingCruising with Kids Column in Lakeland Boating Magazine

As a boater with two boat kids I am thrilled to share my experiences in a summer Boating Kids column for the regional boating lifestyle magazine Lakeland Boating.

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