Water Sports Life Jackets that Up the Cool Factor for Kids

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Cool water sports life jackets give older boat kids a reason to love life jackets again

There comes a time when some kids become reluctant to put on a life jacket. As they grow up they want to feel independent and wearing a life jacket seems “less cool”.

That’s when you know you need to ramp up the cool factor and introduce them to water sports life jackets.

bulky life jacketMy seven year old daughter recently went through this life jacket transformation. She still needs to wear a life jacket when cruising and swimming in the river but she feels like she shouldn’t have to because she knows how to swim. But even anchored out we are not ready to have her swim in the river without a life jacket. With the current and sometimes deeper water we are not ready for her to swim without one.

Earlier in the season we bought her a larger size youth life jacket, but she wasn’t too thrilled with the fit or the style. She was not interested in wearing it at all. So we bought her a new water sport life jacket that had a better fit and cool style.

Kids are more into style then you’d think. They may like a jacket that is more monotone that matches their swimsuit and sun shirts better.

A youth water sports life jacket is the perfect way to ramp up the cool factor for your boater kid – while keeping them safe on the water!

Here are some great choices for youth water sports life jackets.

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  1. HeatherSeptember 6, 2020

    My granddaughter is eight years old and 65 pounds. Her life jacket is the perfect fit, the only problem is she’s hyper and plays really hard in the water which causes her lifejacket to ride up into her armpits. Are there any with mesh like panties or cushioned straps between the legs? I’m willing to sew to modify but if I could purchase one it would be a lot easier. She has an issue with the texture on her skin and prefers not to wear one of those wet suit like shirts over her suit

    1. Avatar photo
      Diane SeltzerSeptember 13, 2020

      We’ve had similar issues with life jackets for older daughter too – the problem is the bigger styles don’t have that built in strap. Check out the accessories we have listed on our page with jackets for kids 50-90 lbs – at the bottom of page there are a few crotch strap options: https://www.boaterkids.com/youth-life-jackets/

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