Our Big Sailing Adventure to Darwin

sailing trip darwin

Australia liveaboard boat kid shares life on board as they sail to the tropical capital of the Northern Territory in Australia

Now that we have our very own sailboat, it’s time to leave Townsville. Dad has finished his job building the hospital and is taking three months off so we can sail the boat to Darwin, where he will find another job. Mum is still working as a cartoonist but she works from the boat so that’s ok because she can work from anywhere.

boating provisions
illustration by Sarah Steenland

We went shopping for a months worth of food so we went to Bilo, and Woolworth’s then ended up spending about 600 or, 650 dollars.

Once we left Maggie Island we stopped at Fantome Island and I accidentally called a baby goat, so I lead him back to his family. Or his family came to him, and it scared the heck out of me when I saw the big goats, I RAN AS FAST AS I COULD!!! It was funny.

We have been visiting a new Island everyday, so many that I can’t remember all of them (lalala, I really can’t remember ). The weather became a bit rainy, so we spent a night in Lucinda, Dungeness creek. We got some washing done and made pigs of ourselves eating hot chips at the cafe.

boating beach fire
Cooking marshmallows over beach fires

So after we left Dungeness mum freaked right out because we ran aground and we were stuck on a sandbank. Mum wanted Dad to call for backup, and he sent her downstairs because she wasn’t helping. Anyway, I wanted to flush that out of my brain and just did cause I told you- YAY!

sailing trip darwin
Me chillin’ at Fitzroy Island. Illustrated by Sarah Steenland.

Next we anchored at Goold Island, where we started the Green Gorilla Project video posts on our trip so far – sharing our adventures in education, exploration and conservation!

Here’s our most recent video post:

Stay tuned as our world cruise continues. I am so excited that we are TRAVELLING WITH CONRAD – another sailboat with two kids, Max 8 and Sonia 7… WOOHOO!!!

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Sydney Steenland

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Sydney is 9 and has been living on a boat for three years in Australia with her Mum, Dad and little brother Indi. They will be cruising Asia in 2014 and plan to do humanitarian and conservation projects as they travel. Visit the GreenGorillaProject.com and follow their adventures.


  1. Peter WoodsJuly 30, 2014

    Yeah nice start to the Trip Syd.. You should start a map for us all..
    Nenna and Poppie

  2. Hi Syd! Great job on the blog, enjoy your adventure! from all your friends at Breakwater Marina 🙂

  3. Peter WoodsAugust 5, 2014

    Hey Syd, we are all awaiting the next post…. the one where you needed binoculars..!! Poppie has a telescope to give you next trip down to see us..
    xx Neena and Poppie..

  4. JackieAugust 7, 2014

    Hey Sydney, great article, wish we were still travelling with you, kids are missing you and Indi heaps and heaps!
    From Conrad crew

  5. irene72kpOctober 17, 2014

    Love your work Sydney. Have binge read all your blog posts. Very articulate honey. eeek the broken elbow got a mention!!!

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